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A Round-up of 2021

2022-01-01 · Luna

Note: This was originally a Twitter thread, and has been lightly edited for presentation here.


I laid some groundwork for selling prints of my art. I ordered some test prints to ensure I was happy with the color reproduction, they arrived and I wanted to make tweaks, and then I promptly forgot all about it. I want to revisit this in 2022.[1]


I moved in together with my partner! I’d been living alone for about 5 years prior, and it was definitely stressful for the first few weeks while adjusting to the change, but now we’ve found our new routines we’re having a wonderful time <3


I tidied up and released Blossom, the framework I built for making executable graphics artworks. It’s already seen a surprising amount of adoption from other artists looking to package their shaders up in a compo-ready format.


Revision demoparty was again a pure-virtual event. I entered two artworks this year.

This is Submit, a still image rendered by a ~3KB executable program.

A grayscale render of a ball-gag against a stark black background, in a point-of-view shot looking upwards at it, lit by a harsh white rim-light to the upper-left.

This second artwork is Cubic Descent, an animated GIF, presented here as an MP4 to prevent autoplaying.[2]


I released an artwork titled Creative Block at Outline demoparty. This is not a photograph. It’s a still image rendered by a ~3KB executable program.

An extremely close-up view of a graphite pencil with a red shaft, resting on a sheet of millimeter-lined grid paper. To a casual observer, it could be mistaken for a photograph.


I found a rare old build of Minecraft on an old backup drive, and the internet collectively went bananas.


The internet’s Minecraft fever got entirely too much for me, and I locked my social media down for my own mental health.


I spoke for the first time at SIGGRAPH, on a panel alongside some very talented demoscene folks. This was an absolute delight and I’m so grateful that I was invited to take part.

I also got a very small flag change merged into the LLVM/Clang codebase!


I made an educational C++ website, in the spirit of the classic Block Syntax and Function Pointers reference sites: fuckingmemberfunctionpointers.com

(...and the more work-safe sister site: goshdarnmemberfunctionpointers.com)


I released another artwork at Deadline demoparty. Another image rendered by a ~3KB executable, this time titled Two Triangles.

Looking upwards at an exterior wall of a large building. The wall consists of large cladding panels in varying shades of pale gray. One panel, towards the lower right, protrudes slightly. The image as a whole is framed such that there’s a stark diagonal split - the building wall covers the lower-right half of the image, meeting the edges of the frame exactly at the lower-left and upper-right corners. The upper-left half of the image is a rich blue cloudless sky, as though in the midst of summer. This image is a computer render, not a photograph.


The brain fog got real bad and I don’t think I actually did anything memorable so here’s me being hot instead.

A grayscale selfie of Luna wearing a floral-patterned top, unbuttoned just enough to show her crescent-moon necklace


I bravely attempted to do Advent of Code in pure ARM assembly, targeting the GBA. While I burned out before finishing, the 11 days I did manage were far more than I ever expected to achieve.

And that’s a wrap! ✨

  1. Narrator, 2023: She did not. 

  2. Some people, even some of my friends, suffer from motion sensitivity. It’s important to not hurt them.