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A Cherished Twitter Memory

2022-11-04 · Luna

Note: This was originally a Twitter thread, and has been lightly edited for presentation here.

Before the party ends for good, I’d like to share one of my most cherished memories from the hellsite with you all.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009. It’s safe to say I was a very different person back then, and the people I’ve followed over the years have played a huge part in my growth and evolution as a person. As the years went on, interests shifted, I followed new people, I started questioning things about myself, and I gradually started following more minority voices, and in particular more trans voices. Somewhere along the way, for reasons now lost to time, I ended up following @OhMiaGod. Seeing her posting candidly about being trans — and her posts being so curiously relatable — was absolutely instrumental in my eventual egg-crack and self-acceptance.

On New Year’s Eve 2017, I boarded a train to meet up with my close friends at the time for our annual celebration, nervous as all hell knowing that I intended to come out to them that night. Perhaps I needed to calm my nerves, perhaps I was just anxious to tell someone, but on that train I decided I had to tell Mia, I had to thank her for everything.

So I did! And I never expected a reply, but the fact she took the time meant the world to me in that moment, and helped give me the confidence I needed to come out to my friends later that night.

That gesture of kindness will stay with me always.

Screenshot of a Twitter DM conversation from the evening of December 31st 2017. Luna says: “Hiya; I'II try and keep this short: 2017 has been somewhat a year of self-discovery for me and a few months ago I finally reached the realisation that I'm very probably a girl. Reading the things you've written and seeing you be so candid about being trans really helped me to realise and come to terms with all this, and I just wanted to say a massive heartfelt thank you. Hope you have a lovely new years! :)” Mia replies: “Awww that means a lot to hear! I'm so happy I could help. Hope you have a great new years too! 💜💜”